$80M superyacht concept has a ‘gaping hole’

Previous offerings include a yacht in the form of a swan and another devised to resemble a shark, but Lazzarini Design Studio’s latest superyacht concept may be one of its most daring yet.

The Rome-based design team has just unveiled renderings of a brand new 69-meter yacht design with a “gaping hole” right in the middle. The aptly named Shape concept, which is to run entirely on clean energy, features a huge empty opening in its superstructure, resulting in a wonderfully distinctive silhouette. Referred to as the “hole deck,” the space is accessible via an entrance on the bow and has steps leading down to the sea level, making it an ideal sun lounging area, and can be customized to suit the owner’s requirements.

Meanwhile, the upper deck of the yacht is fitted with a glass-bottomed infinity pool, offering swimmers a fabulous view of the open space below. The living area, located at the rear of the superstructure, consists of six suites, with room for up to 12 guests.”Because of the stylistic choice of placing a void inside the superstructure, space on The Shape is the real luxury,” say the designers. There’s also a beach club with a diving platform onboard, a helipad, a garage full of toys and all of the typical amenities you’d find on a yacht of this stature.

Shape, which has an estimated price of €69 million (around $80 million), will be equipped with a propulsion system powered by hydrogen, and will run entirely on clean energy, with max speed of around 24 knots, or 12 knots when in full electric mode. The solar panels on its sundeck are to be used to charge all onboard systems.

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