Excel printing frustration elimination method Large table and large amount of data

How long are you in front of your computer during your day-to-day work? If you shorten it by 10 minutes a day, it will swell to about 43 hours a year (in the case of 105 days of holidays). What if I could spend that much time on other work? How to make it easy to understand for those who see the material. And which of Microsoft Word and Excel, which business people often use, can be finished faster and more beautifully? Let’s hold down the basic points with Mr. Shizuko Shirei, a computer instructor.

This time we are talking about printing in Excel.

When you open Word newly, it will be displayed with A4 portrait and margins set. Therefore, you can immediately see where the data you are entering will be printed on the paper. However, in the Excel worksheet, if you can’t see the margins, you can’t even know where the table is in A4. The print image is harder to capture than Word, which is a layout display that assumes printing. There is no problem if you do not need to print because it is managed by data, but when you try to print it may not fit on the page well and you may be in trouble.

First of all, let’s hold down the points when printing small tables and large tables.

When you want to print a small table in a large size

When I print a small table with little data, I see a little printed material in the upper left corner of A4 paper. Instead of thinking that it would be nice to see it, I would like to print it as easily as possible by thinking about the person who sees the material.